Menno Klaarmond

As an entrepreneur you have to dare to look ahead and seize opportunities in new technology. After years of career as an entrepreneur in the graphic industry, I took the step in blockchain and cryptoworld two years ago. I believe that blockchain technology will bring a hugh change in the current financial system as we know it today.

Bouke Planting
Senior trader

I graduated as a Sociologist at the University of Amsterdam. I have since been involved with blockchain-related activities such as mining, trading and advising. As a trader, my focus is on newstrading. That means I’m constantly watching the news and try to be one of the first to react. While I’m waiting for news events, I like to research and backtest various other strategies, such as diptrading and EWT. The strategies I’ve used work really well when combined, as is shown by my 800% trading result over the past 5 months. I am a strong believer in the idea that trading defensively and taking profits leads to the most gains, as losses are mitigated and the profits that are taken frequently, create compounding interest rates which make the portfolio's value grow exponentially.

Yunus Ugullu
Senior trader

During my econometric studies I began to grow interest in equities and trading.After my study switch, I started to act more and in particular to understand technical and fundamental analyzes. After my studies, the emergence of crypto and blockchain began. After months of research, I stepped in 1 year ago and followed the growth of this new technology. It is very fast and the volatility is enormous. We actually invest in promises and expectations. This does not alter the fact that the base (blockchain) will cause a true revolution in the financial field. What will the position of the current financial institutions be in 5 years? I do not dare to make any statements about that yet, but I know for sure that a lot is going to change!To work in a company with more traders, we can better interpret technical analyzes, distribute research in specific areas and thus better advise for our clients. Ultimately, it is about achieving the highest possible return on the trades we have placed. I'm excited! You too?

Turgay Entersipe
junior trader

As a content manager with experience in various projects, I have become competent in analyzing and interpreting statistics. I also studied communication and multimedia design in Amsterdam. This study is aimed at devising, developing and executing communication issues in the media. Thanks to these directions, I have become fascinated with blockchain technology. At the same time I bought my first cryptocurrency. After having spend years as a designer in the media, I now focus entirely on Insight Fund. I believe in the enormous economic potential of the underlying blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is revolutionary. It is an open technique that can be used for many different applications.In 2017 I did make enough with trading cryptocurrencies to buy a new car. I have decided not to hodl but to act on the basis of charts and technical analysis. I have been able to develop a profitable trading strategy. That’s the reason why I have become a fulltime trader. I would like to explain this further in a personal conversation with a cup of coffee.

looking for you!
junior trader

Because we foresee a growth in our investment fund, we are looking for junior tradres who want to learn more about trading crypto en assets.Are you interested? Mail us at