How it’s done

How it works The service we provide is that we trade your crypto’s and/or money investment for you. After signing the required paperwork and determine the investment profile, customers can send either crypto or fiat money to us. We provide regular updates on our trades and send you a monthly report with the results we booked that month. In return, we charge 2% annually to cover expenses, and 30% of the profits made, calculated in percentage of Bitcoins gained. If for some reason the results are zero or negative, we don’t gain any commission on the losses. Results are measured on a three-month period, so losses in one month and gains in another, will even each other out. You can request withdrawal at every end of the month. The only fees that will be kept is the initial 2% fee to cover our costs. After a year, this fee turns into a 0.5% quarterly fee, so you won’t occur much costs from withdrawing.

■ 2% annual fee + 30% of profits

■ Withdraw per month, pay only the annual fee

■ 1 BTC minimum or € 100.000,- minimum*

If we calculate cumulatively you can earn more than 100% of your share within 8 months

We are well aware of the risks of trading crypto’s, we trade for more than three years and with our experience we can calculate the risks, our trades are more defensive than the average trader.

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