Blockchain and crypto currency are here to stay. Let that be clear!  It's just a matter of time before development of the blockchain will reach a level where it will truly revolutionize society, equal to how the internet and its world wide web has done. We believe that decentralized ledger technology will take over the most of the current third-party companies. Everyone in the world should be capable of transferring value without delay or cost.

Be your own bank, after all it's your money!


A large group of investors choose to apply a HODL strategy. We understand there are reasons for applying this strategy: not everyone is able to follow the market on a daily basis; volatility is high; and making the right decisions at the right time can be difficult. But we regard HODLing as a missed opportunity, as it means you miss out on all of the opportunities cryptotrading offers. We are able to respond to good and / or bad news; purchase temporary dips; profit from temporary events, and we make use of the larger cycles in terms of the altcoin market in relation to Bitcoin. By continuously responding to what the market 'tells' us, we can generate better returns than HODLing aswell as reduce risk of losses. Whether the market is falling or rising, by applying the right strategy we can grow your portfolio.

Trading strategies

In order to increase profits, lower risk, and generally maximize the opportunities the cryptocurrency market offers us, our trading team deploys various trading strategies. In this section we’ll go over some of the strategies we use to increase your investments. For competitive reasons we can’t share the full details of our trading strategies, but we strive to be as transparent as possible and give our investors an insight into what we’re doing.
In general, trading cryptocurrencies successfully requires a hefty time investment as there is a lot to keep track of and things are moving very quickly. Indeed, it is often said that one day in crypto is one week in traditional markets. Due to the fact that blockchain technology is still in its early stages, speculation dictates the price, and price moves rapidly in accordance with new events. Our set of trading strategies allow us to adapt to these new situations on a daily basis. Below you will find the main (simplified) strategies we employ.

Ride the waves

One of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency trading traditional traders don’t understand is how the price of altcoins correlates to the pricemovement of Bitcoin. Generally speaking: if bitcoin increases or decreases rapidly, the bitcoin-value (satoshi value) of all altcoins goes down as a lot of traders will sell their altcoins during these periods. The price of these altcoins will go up rapidly after bitcoin is done making its moves. While no one can guarantee when these moments begin and end, what we can do is buy more altcoins when one of these selling cycles is nearing its end, and to get out of altcoins when we get signs that the altcoin-cycle is nearing its end.

Buy the rumor, sell the news

Price generally increases in anticipation of major product releases (and goes down afterwards). This is a mechanic that is common knowledge among cryptocurrency daytraders, yet commonly misunderstood by the outside investor/trader. As people get excited about a coin releasing important updates soon, they buy the coin as they feel this update will increase the value of the coin. This makes the price go up before the upgrades are even released. What is perhaps even more surprising, is that the price usually goes down rapidly after such releases. Part of what we do at [NAAM] is that we buy fundamentally sound coins which have such updates coming up relatively soon. Rather than holding on to that coin, we protect our investment and secure our profits, by selling it before the product upgrade is actually released.


The fact that news and announcements influence price heavily in the cryptocurrency market (and is easy to read), also carries on to our next strategy: newstrading. This strategy involves following twitter and other such platforms where new developments and announcements may be shared. The difference with the previous strategy is that here, we watch for unexpected newsreleases. Announcements such as partnerships and exchange listings. In the cryptocurrency markets, good news makes the price spike up quite abit and can, in fact, get kind of ridiculous. Depending on how good the news is, the price of a coin can increase anywhere from 10% to 100% in a matter of minutes. So, actively searching for these type of news events can be very profitable, not in the last place because it has a high probability of working out in our favor. The rule we follow is that we don’t buy a coin that has already spiked up, so the chance that the price will go down after we buy is very slim. This is a very quick ‘get in and get out’ type of trade. It requires a lot of concentration, patience, coolheadedness, and a lot of time. But, we know it’s worth our time, as this is hands down the most profitable strategy.


One advantage of reserving BTC to newstrade with, is that we’re basically creating a situation where we can adapt and react to circumstances. If the price of an altcoin suddenly drops a lot, this can cause panic and / or stoplosses getting triggered, which makes the price go down much lower than would otherwise be rational. What happens is that after the dip, people buy the coin because it is so cheap in their eyes. This nearly always brings the price back close to the previous support. We have devised a strategy to profit from these types of ‘blind panic’ events and backtested it extensively. The results were great netting a 93% probability on well over a thousand trades, so we’ve used it for over half a year and have done great. Not a single trade exited in a loss. This is one of the safest ways of trading, next to newstrading, and is thus our favorite.


My interest for crypto came when Bitcoin was sky rocketing, so I bought one Bitcoin when the price was 14K. Soon after that, Bitcoin started falling and in march it was like 7K. Then I met these guys and asked them for advice. They actively traded my Bitcoin and in 4 months my Bitcoin multiplied by 40%, so now I have 1,4 Bitcoin. I still have some losses but because of trading, the losses are much more bearable and if Bitcoin should go to 10k, my losses are gone. Keep up the trading guys!

Mo Darri

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